Sunday, September 26, 2010


my computer is SPAZING!!! i had to restart it 4 times to get to this point...anyways...Mom and I are starting a diet after she talks to this nutritionist she is getting sent to:) we are also looking into a Water Aerobics class:):):)

there is this child care position open in Negaunee but it's an hour away BUT it's full time and i REALLY want the job so i'm going to call them tomorrow morning :)
also a couple jobs here in Munising such as at Forest Glen store..i would like to do both jobs but i have a feeling that my schedules would conflict...but i'm gonna apply for both

so i had a billion things to tell you and i saved them on my iPod so i wouldn't forget and it died... sooo i'll have to charge it...

in greater news i lost 7 pounds and wasn't even trying:)

so i am going to be honest here i do not like the church we go to now... i'm fighting every week to stay awake and i don't feel welcome or like i fit in soon very soon i am going to be church "shopping" and i'm not jazzed about it... i miss MY church family and can't imagine replacing them... it's just weird i have shared my deepest darkest secretes with these people, i have lived with them for weeks at a time... i just can never imagine trying to find another family.... I MISS YOU GUYS!!!

i think i'm going to go take pictures tomorrow...hopefully i don't get lazy and will

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