Thursday, December 23, 2010


so i am on tumblr WAY WAY WAY more than i'm on here and i'm hoping that i update more by moving my blog...
sooooo with that being said

go there thats's where i'll be updating more:)

Monday, December 20, 2010

it's... well it's been a while

it's been forever since i blogged last... i feel soooo behind... but i find it hard to blog when i have nothing to say.. yeah i know since when do I have nothing to say...

i have been tumbling A LOT! like crazy!!! it's my new obsession! i love reblogging and what not! 

i have been very confused on this boy situation lately.. it's so confusing like one day well be talking and i have that stupid tingly feeling... then another day we'll be talking and i get real annoyed really easy and idk maybe it's just me...

my computer is going crazy again... i'm going an intensive scan right now hopefully it'll clean up whatever nonsense thats going on....

anddd idk how i feel about living here... i feel like i'm wasteing my life and my time here... how is it benifiting me?
but at the same time i can't imagine not being able to see my mom everyday!!!