Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hallelujah Thursday:)

Just cut up some peppers and onions for dinner...haveing italian sausage:) 
Nick had a game yesterday and they won:) 12-0 i think... 

went to the harwear store today tp get a couple things for dad and then went to Glen's to get the sausage and peppers...and some rude old man told me to learn how to drive... RUUUUDE!!!

and right now i'm watching Dr. Oz... he is a crazy man...

golly my eyes still sting...

got to talk to Leann today it was nice

i'm trying to find things to talk about today and i'm struggleing...

Going to the JV football game tonight...hope it doesn't rain like it did last night :/

so the dog is chewing on her wire cage, do you ever wonder what that feels like on their teeth!?!?!?!?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


took some more pictures today edited a few:)

spending the morning with mom tomorrow... probably watching tv... i'm excited

Monday, September 27, 2010


So we went out today and took some camera was doing really STUPID stuff and wouldn't cooperate! BUT here are a few of the better ones...
I have never noticed before how blogspot screws with the picture quality on here!!!!! 
I'm going to go take more tomorrow after bible study:)

Sunday, September 26, 2010


my computer is SPAZING!!! i had to restart it 4 times to get to this point...anyways...Mom and I are starting a diet after she talks to this nutritionist she is getting sent to:) we are also looking into a Water Aerobics class:):):)

there is this child care position open in Negaunee but it's an hour away BUT it's full time and i REALLY want the job so i'm going to call them tomorrow morning :)
also a couple jobs here in Munising such as at Forest Glen store..i would like to do both jobs but i have a feeling that my schedules would conflict...but i'm gonna apply for both

so i had a billion things to tell you and i saved them on my iPod so i wouldn't forget and it died... sooo i'll have to charge it...

in greater news i lost 7 pounds and wasn't even trying:)

so i am going to be honest here i do not like the church we go to now... i'm fighting every week to stay awake and i don't feel welcome or like i fit in soon very soon i am going to be church "shopping" and i'm not jazzed about it... i miss MY church family and can't imagine replacing them... it's just weird i have shared my deepest darkest secretes with these people, i have lived with them for weeks at a time... i just can never imagine trying to find another family.... I MISS YOU GUYS!!!

i think i'm going to go take pictures tomorrow...hopefully i don't get lazy and will

Thursday, September 23, 2010

new hair and new days

ok so i said i would post a picture of my new hair well i got bored and this is the best i can do

and if your wondering why i am in front of a yankeys symbol it is because i have to stay in my brothers room while my Mimi(Grandma) is me this is not by choice!! GO RED SOX!!!!

didn't do much today got nick on the bus and went back to bed....then got up and ate some pizza and then dad ot home from his surgery then yeah...watched some tv ate dinner and here i am....

i found these really cool christian shirts for girls here are a few i want

you can get them at most are about $16.... so not too bad

 been watching alot of Shane Dawson lately... LOVE it!!!  check him out he has 3 channels on youtube and all are great...
ok well going to listen to some Mindless Self Indulgence and watch some shane dawson...night kids!

Monday, September 20, 2010

monday? really?

so it's monday again... was going to marquette today for dad's dr appointment but it got cancled so i guess we'll go thursday...went and saw Baby Jaris today:):):) he is just tooo cute!!
look how much like his daddy he looks!!! haha too cute! i can't wait for this kid to get older and i can take him on fun trips:)

getting my hair cut tomorrow.... it'll be the last time for a while...i wanna grow my hair out....

getting it cut like that:)

do you ever have friend crush? you know where you wanna be someone's friend but don't know how to go about doing it or even really how do you do it? be like "hey do you wanna be friends?" that weird!!!! i just looked on facebook and i found like 4 on my news feed!!!!  omg i'm such a loser!!!!

well i'm gonna go watch Love and Basketball alone....i'll post pictures of my new hair tomorrow:):):)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

make up?

i feel like making up for 3 days with no posts with 1 day with 2 posts..... btw i love that photo:):):)

so i was looking for baby suff....(idk how i stumbled upon this) any whoo i thought it was interesting

it shows un photoshoped pictures of celebs...idk interesting

still don't have a job and i'm loosing patients FAST! i HATE haveing no money... and i HATE depending on my parents..and i HATE even more listening to my dad complain!!!!!!! i can't help it if no one is hiring and if i'm not qualified for the jobs...!!!!

 some people just idk make me so angry....they are legit irritating i cannot stand it!!! and they are ALWAYS the ones that pop up on your news feed onn facebook....but nooooooo the one's your dieing to hear from never post anything and never call you or never send you any form of communication....

i had something else to say and now i can't remember :'(  i'll probably think of it at 4am and have to write it down......


sorry i haven't posted in like 3 days.... the weekends are usually busy for me... with football and family...

so i have yet to start exercising  or  dieting.... i did well friday then saturday went to Jaris and Val's for the game and ate sloppy joes and then on the way home got pizza for nick, his friends and i... then after i ate i was like wait WTF! i am suppost to be dieting.... and today i just idk about today... no excuse...

so saw baby Jaris on saturday....he is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!

Mom is makeing Jaris and Val marzetti tomorrow so i'll get to see him again!:)

going with dad to his dr appointment in Marquette tomorrow...he has surgery on thursday and My Mimi(Grandma) is coming to visit on wednesday:) i'm hopeing she can make me a pillow!!!
i like this print a lot:)

it is crazy that i'll be 21 in about 6 months....i can't wrap my head arround it! i'm excited to get a new licenses:):):):):)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Late night follow up...

ok so i gor a couple comments on my last blog and i read them and was like on i'll talk about it i the a.m. after i sleep and yeah well i don't want to forget what i am thinking right now so i'm gonna post it now and i'll elaborate tomorrow...

I by no means wanna be super skinny.. quite frankly i would be ecstatic with a  size 12 or 14....unlike the size 26 i wear now(and trust me i wear a 26..i know i have employees at lane bryant want to put me in a 5 instead of a 7or 6 every time i go in there and every time i have to prove to them that i am the size that i am)...

I LOVE my personality i would NEVER EVER want to change that...that what i mean by i will never change who i am...i am ok if someone doesn't like me for my personality i am not ok with someone not likeing me for how i look

ok so i stole a few of those pictures from my friend Erin.... this is me  Freshman year of High School... ok so if i would have cared enough to wear a little mascara and maybe straighten my hair and no wore frumpy clothes i was more or less gorgeous... looking back i like the way i look and it was great...however looking back i hate who i Leann may remember i was a horrible friend i was pissed off at the world and basically hated everyone and everything...

and i guess i'm just tired of many things....

i am tired of not doing stuff because i know or think i can't or i'm embarrassed to do them... example everyone went to cedar point in august and i said i didn't wanna go because i don't like roller coasters, truth be known i LOVE LOVE LOVE roller coasters i just know that i can't fit into a lot of them and it would be hella embarrassing to go and not ride anything not to mention waste my money and i didn't tell anyone in youth group because no one would understand....orrrr like we went swimming a few times at Allison's house and everyone was jumping off the diving board..i only did once and thats because brandon made me and i didn't want to do it because i was embarrassed of the big splash i would make

i am also tired of paying more for clothes i don't even like...ok so i KINDA get it that to make plus size clothes you use more fabric BUT paying that much more for it is redicolous! and has anyone noticed that plus size clothes are the uglyest clothes available?? i have a pair of ugg boots that i LOVE LOVE LOVE.... however my calves are to big and they don't fit right! AND so i paid $200 for this tiffany's choker necklace and so it comes in the mail i'm all excited and i put it on neck is to fat! also so everyone is always like "OMG! i love to go shoe shopping cause shoes always fit!" no no shoes never fit! my feet are to fat! and my hands are fat and rings ALWAYS look gross on my fingers and i can never find women's rings that fit! or bracelets for that matter!!!

however i think what is most frustrating is something that i can never fix.... so when i do gain weight i gain a lot at once...and what happens when you gain a lot of weight at one time..well a lot of times your skin cannot keep up and you get stretch marks... so here i am stuck with gross skin for pretty much forever....FML!!!!!

ok well it's 2:30am i need some sleep....i'll post again tomorrow night and tell you about my day and what's on my mind...maybe tell a few more stories and dig out some more pictures...but for now Goodnight everyone:)

wa waaa waaaaaaaaa......

so this blog is more serious... idk i guess i just need to rant... so i posted a video on here watch it.... it's from Shane Dawson (i love Shane Dawson!) so it's kinda inappropriate so if you don't deal well with strong language or stuff like that don't watch it...anywhoo basicly the video is about learning to love yourself...

so  i was thinking about how it seems like everyone in my graduating class is either super successful or has a family or is at least married... and it makes me feel super behind...if only i was skinny i would be able to get a job, if only i was skinny i would have a boyfriend if only i was skinny i would be happy and i deserve to be happy right?!?!?!?

with that being said so i like this guy and idk i sometimes think he likes me but whatever anyways so i was talking with him the other night about when i would go see him and yadda yadda and then i got to thinking there is no flipping way i am going to go see him like this! no way no how...and idk it's understandable i'm not at attracted to fat guys so how do i expect a guy to be attracted to me (well i guess thats kinda not true it depends on the guy if i'm attracted to him)

the other night i was looking at wedding dresses and thinking about my wedding and all the details like all girls do and you know... but all the dresses are designed for skinny girls and even if they made the dress in my size  would look disgusting in it...and then today i was talking about wedding songs with my brother and he said "yeah right when are you going to get married"...

and i will never forget the day him and i were fighting and he said " you know why i never wanna do anything with you? it's because your fat" initial reaction was how dare you!!! but then i got to thinking about it and i can't blame him i bet all his friends make fun of him for it...

i have always said i'm never going to change for anyone if they don't like me the way i am then too bad...but seriously do i really think that? so i have been a long time fan of Shane Dawson and if you don't know anything about him he was 310 pounds in high school and since then he has lost 170 pounds... i know what your thinking "Steffanie a lot of people have lost lots of weight what makes Shane different?"and to be honest i don't know...i can't pin point it all i know is that he is inspiring

so with that i am going to make a list of goals and starting tomorrow i am going to start on them... you guys are my witnesses(to be honest i don't even know if any of you even read these)...

1. learn to love myself
2. Loose atleast 100 pounds
3. Get a Job
4. move out of my parents house
5. grow up
6. read my bible more
7. pray more
8. be happy

so those are my goals i guess i have found what this blog is really gonna be goals...

if you actually read all of this and got to this point thanks for listening to my stupid banter...and if you really do read these stupid blogs please let me know so i don't feel like i'm writing to myself or become a follower you can do it over there------------------------------->(well i guess you have to scroll up a little)

and i need you guys to start asking me questions holding me accountable i can't do this alone...


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'm not the only one....

so i KNOW i am not the only adult woman that is like head over heels obsessed with Taylor Lautner... like seriously i have to say is that he is quite possibly the most beautiful man in the entire world hands down... i know i sound like some sad annoying teeny-bopper but for real guys this boy looks amazing!!!

and might i add his GQ shoot is to die for!!!

Just saying....

so when i read the books i was totally team edward but then the movies came out and i was teal jacob all the way.... and the snl skit taylor lautner was Hilarious!!!!!!!!

and he is a Michigan Fan:):):):):):):) and he is real down to earth....

ok so i had my 10 minutes of "i'm 12 and i'm in love with a celebrity" moment...

dissapointing day

did not get any calls from any of the places i applied at...sad i know...
 in other sad news as many of you know that since i have no job i have no money and when you have no money you cannot pay bills and since phones cost money i no longer have one... well when i got rid of my phone so did my mother...and so today she bought a pre-paid tracfone so she can text all her friends:)..cute i know...i was sad to find out that virgin mobile does not cover the up because that was the best pre-paid phone i ever had...anywhoo so i was looking around online at different phones and what i wanted to get when i do get a job and blah blah blah...anywhoo i decided that i would get Verizon, well because well it's about the only company i haven't gone with, so i'm looking and looking and for the plan i want with the phone i want i will spend almost $90 a month on a phone! WTF!?!?!?!?! really verizon! are you kidding me?!? i have to pay for a bunch of minutes i will hardly ever use and a data plan that i can live without because i want a cool phone! this is ridiculous... besides the fact that the phone is $200!!! so in conclusion i need to find a really good job or just had a lamer phone.... i would rather find a good job... so here is to getting a new droid2....

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I can honestly say IDK!

had an interview with family dollar today...interview went great i dazzled them with my BRILLIANT VIBRANT personality, she said she had a few other interviews and would call me in the next couple days...

problems i have with family dollar so far:

i have to supply my own red polo shirt...i do not look very good in polo shirts or red
unlike this girl

 issue number 2... it is an on call job...which means i only get hours  if someone calls off.... like they are "sick"
like this poor cat..

ok so i only mainly have 2 problems....whatever! i guess if i get it, it is a job and i need to stop complaining...

submitted my application to the Holiday Store for the second time and applied at the casino AGAIN!!!(mind you i had an interview with them once before for another position)

went to the library and bayshore park today with mom and mya :)

mom split red nail polish on the white carpet...i was just glad it wasn't me! i can still smell polish remover....

OHHHHH i almost forgot!!!! Jaris and Val's baby was born! Baby Jaris Joseph Jr! 8lbs 5oz!
 BIG BABY!!! my mom and i already nicknamed him 3J!

Congratulations Jaris and Val!!!
on another note i have itunes on shuffle and Family Force 5 Christmas came on...i'm digging it! Now old school Good Charlotte! i love itunes:)

didn't watch teen mom yet...i'm excited to wake up tomorrow and watch it on the dvr!!!!! i LOVE farrah and maci!! and i think Catelynn and Tyler are sooooooo cute!!!!! amber and gary irritate me most of the time though....

well kids i'm off to bed :) have sweet dreams!

Monday, September 13, 2010


so it's my first post... i don't even know yet what i wanna do with this thing...i guess just ramble share random thoughts...i usually do stuff like this for a month and then just stop but i really hope i keep up with it this time:)

well i was suppose to help dad level the dock today, but it's uber windy and cold...lucky me:) haven't done much yet...have to pick up my room today and my check from the super 8 sometime today.. yeah still don't have a job yet but I'm still looking... filled out an application for Family Dollar 2 days ago praying i get a call back!

i really need to read my bible, i'm really slacking lately

i hate how now that i don't hvae a phone anymore i go to grab for it and it isn't there :(

is anyone else super excited about Fall? i'm soooooo excited!!!
as far as fall fashion goes what is the thing i'm looking most forward to?
Military Inspired peices:

 Top @ Torrid $38

Cardigan @  Arden B. $34.99

reason's why i love this trend? you can dress it up or down:)

best fall hair style? BIG HAIR!!
 get our your hair spray, round brush, and teasing combs:)

i didn't forget about men's fall fashion!

Cardigans can be really sexy and functional for those fall days that start out real cool and warm up a bit!
i love this one from Banana Republic for $89.50 it's a little pricey but you have to remember that the details make the sweater and this sweater fits very nicely i love the nice contrasting stiching!

jeans as always are always a style staple for men... but you have to wear a good fitting pair
these Calhoun Williamsburg Skinny Jean from DKNY for $59.50 are a perfect example and would go great with the cardigan i mentioned


 ahhhh what else am i excited about this fall? OHHH those caramel apple suckers! YUM!!!

AND HALLOWEEN!!! if i got a costume i wanna be the queen of hearts<3

so tell me what you think so far:)