Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I can honestly say IDK!

had an interview with family dollar today...interview went great i dazzled them with my BRILLIANT VIBRANT personality, she said she had a few other interviews and would call me in the next couple days...

problems i have with family dollar so far:

i have to supply my own red polo shirt...i do not look very good in polo shirts or red
unlike this girl

 issue number 2... it is an on call job...which means i only get hours  if someone calls off.... like they are "sick"
like this poor cat..

ok so i only mainly have 2 problems....whatever! i guess if i get it, it is a job and i need to stop complaining...

submitted my application to the Holiday Store for the second time and applied at the casino AGAIN!!!(mind you i had an interview with them once before for another position)

went to the library and bayshore park today with mom and mya :)

mom split red nail polish on the white carpet...i was just glad it wasn't me! i can still smell polish remover....

OHHHHH i almost forgot!!!! Jaris and Val's baby was born! Baby Jaris Joseph Jr! 8lbs 5oz!
 BIG BABY!!! my mom and i already nicknamed him 3J!

Congratulations Jaris and Val!!!
on another note i have itunes on shuffle and Family Force 5 Christmas came on...i'm digging it! Now old school Good Charlotte! i love itunes:)

didn't watch teen mom yet...i'm excited to wake up tomorrow and watch it on the dvr!!!!! i LOVE farrah and maci!! and i think Catelynn and Tyler are sooooooo cute!!!!! amber and gary irritate me most of the time though....

well kids i'm off to bed :) have sweet dreams!

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