Thursday, September 23, 2010

new hair and new days

ok so i said i would post a picture of my new hair well i got bored and this is the best i can do

and if your wondering why i am in front of a yankeys symbol it is because i have to stay in my brothers room while my Mimi(Grandma) is me this is not by choice!! GO RED SOX!!!!

didn't do much today got nick on the bus and went back to bed....then got up and ate some pizza and then dad ot home from his surgery then yeah...watched some tv ate dinner and here i am....

i found these really cool christian shirts for girls here are a few i want

you can get them at most are about $16.... so not too bad

 been watching alot of Shane Dawson lately... LOVE it!!!  check him out he has 3 channels on youtube and all are great...
ok well going to listen to some Mindless Self Indulgence and watch some shane dawson...night kids!

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