Monday, September 13, 2010


so it's my first post... i don't even know yet what i wanna do with this thing...i guess just ramble share random thoughts...i usually do stuff like this for a month and then just stop but i really hope i keep up with it this time:)

well i was suppose to help dad level the dock today, but it's uber windy and cold...lucky me:) haven't done much yet...have to pick up my room today and my check from the super 8 sometime today.. yeah still don't have a job yet but I'm still looking... filled out an application for Family Dollar 2 days ago praying i get a call back!

i really need to read my bible, i'm really slacking lately

i hate how now that i don't hvae a phone anymore i go to grab for it and it isn't there :(

is anyone else super excited about Fall? i'm soooooo excited!!!
as far as fall fashion goes what is the thing i'm looking most forward to?
Military Inspired peices:

 Top @ Torrid $38

Cardigan @  Arden B. $34.99

reason's why i love this trend? you can dress it up or down:)

best fall hair style? BIG HAIR!!
 get our your hair spray, round brush, and teasing combs:)

i didn't forget about men's fall fashion!

Cardigans can be really sexy and functional for those fall days that start out real cool and warm up a bit!
i love this one from Banana Republic for $89.50 it's a little pricey but you have to remember that the details make the sweater and this sweater fits very nicely i love the nice contrasting stiching!

jeans as always are always a style staple for men... but you have to wear a good fitting pair
these Calhoun Williamsburg Skinny Jean from DKNY for $59.50 are a perfect example and would go great with the cardigan i mentioned


 ahhhh what else am i excited about this fall? OHHH those caramel apple suckers! YUM!!!

AND HALLOWEEN!!! if i got a costume i wanna be the queen of hearts<3

so tell me what you think so far:)

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  1. Okay, first of all....I dig the name you have given your blogs! lol ;D
    Anyway, Just wanted to say its cool that you have a blog because now that you live so far away it's harder to stay in touch, but now we can more :) ttyl
    xoxo Leann