Monday, September 20, 2010

monday? really?

so it's monday again... was going to marquette today for dad's dr appointment but it got cancled so i guess we'll go thursday...went and saw Baby Jaris today:):):) he is just tooo cute!!
look how much like his daddy he looks!!! haha too cute! i can't wait for this kid to get older and i can take him on fun trips:)

getting my hair cut tomorrow.... it'll be the last time for a while...i wanna grow my hair out....

getting it cut like that:)

do you ever have friend crush? you know where you wanna be someone's friend but don't know how to go about doing it or even really how do you do it? be like "hey do you wanna be friends?" that weird!!!! i just looked on facebook and i found like 4 on my news feed!!!!  omg i'm such a loser!!!!

well i'm gonna go watch Love and Basketball alone....i'll post pictures of my new hair tomorrow:):):)

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