Sunday, September 19, 2010

make up?

i feel like making up for 3 days with no posts with 1 day with 2 posts..... btw i love that photo:):):)

so i was looking for baby suff....(idk how i stumbled upon this) any whoo i thought it was interesting

it shows un photoshoped pictures of celebs...idk interesting

still don't have a job and i'm loosing patients FAST! i HATE haveing no money... and i HATE depending on my parents..and i HATE even more listening to my dad complain!!!!!!! i can't help it if no one is hiring and if i'm not qualified for the jobs...!!!!

 some people just idk make me so angry....they are legit irritating i cannot stand it!!! and they are ALWAYS the ones that pop up on your news feed onn facebook....but nooooooo the one's your dieing to hear from never post anything and never call you or never send you any form of communication....

i had something else to say and now i can't remember :'(  i'll probably think of it at 4am and have to write it down......

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