Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Oy Vey!

did you know planning a birthday  trip to Chicago is very confusing!?!?!? especially when you don't know if anyone is going with you???*note to self ask leann and edythe*

so i have it al planned out, like where we would stay and hw we would get there i just don't know... but what i do know is 1. i wanna stay at the Hard Rock hotel because the rooms are sweet, 2. i want someone fun to go with me, 3. we would stay 3 nights...

however the hotel is HELLA expensive like depending on who goes like $300 a night... but i was thinking of only staying there one night like thr first night then finding a MUCH cheaper hotel somewhere else.. because i only plan on staying in the actual room just the first night...  but you only turn 21 once right!??!!?

so anywhoo if anyone wants to go let me know... i'm trying to plan now so i ahve enough money and stuff :)

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