Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Heart Is An Idiot....

So I was doing a favor for someone.. and it totally screwed everything up

I was helping someone out with a paper for college and they wanted me to use this dateing website and make 2 profiles exactly the same, the only difference was the pictures.... use my pic in one had just find some random gorgeous girl online... ok so i have been doing this since September mind you and i was supposed to stop come November 1st...

so whatever i'm bored i have nothing better to do why not it's not like i'm actually meeting any of these losers anyhow... cause all guys are desperate and sleazy on dating websites right?...RIGHT?!?!?!?!!?!?


ok so it was October 6th i got this message from this guy, he is kinda cute nothing extraordinary about his appearance but his message was great.. i usually was getting the "hey what's up".. and i'm here to tell you that no girl that is as gorgeous as the girl i used would respond to "hey what's up" any ways here is what he said...

 So you have really pretty eyes...almost as
pretty as mine...almost ;) anyways you
seem pretty cool/interesting and
something about you is rather alluring idk
what and that probably sounds really
weird anyways do what kind of music are
you Into? I know I like everythi-g but
country too so curious what you listen to.
You're into photography? me too I love
takibg pictures at least I wouldnt day Im a
photographer but anyways. Oh and If you
need a job I can get you one of course
youd have to move to lexington which
would be cool with me lol. Anyways sorry
Im rambling which I do sometimes
anyways write me back If you want to

ok so i obviously do message him back i mean who wouldn't.... so ever since that day we  have been obsessively messaging each other back... and btw might i add that i have always thought of meeting guys online as kinda weird.. like when you get married what are you going to day "oh we met online"... anywhoo...

comes to find out the guy is AMAZING!!!! lie the PERFECT guy and not in like a i'm pretending to be perfect sorta way, like a genuine  amazing guy.. he likes music and wants a miniature pet trex, and wants to live in the 50s in Manhattan and have 3 kids, and have a vacation home on the beach, is a good cook,  likes to go o sows, and LOVES Halloween... like for real kids he is the real deal....

so like i started to notice that we were getting kinda crazy with messaging and stuff and i could tell he REALLY REALLY REALLY liked me and i REALLY REALLY REALLY liked him... and i wasn't suppost to end anythng till Nov. 1st.. BUT i HATE breaking peoples hearts cause i know how much it hurts.... sooooo

so yeah i told him about everything, told him it was for a college paper and how the only thing that i basically lied to him was the picture... anywhoo biiig mistake!!!

he was UBER pissed, like i literally riped out his heart and stomped on it.. i mean i don't blame him i have been lieing to this guy for like more than 10 days

so here is what i said...

ok soooo i really don't know how to say this because i have never had to before so idk here it goes

ok so first off i want you to know that everything i have ever said was true.. i meant everything, and everything was honest... i really really really really do LOVE talking to you A LOT.. like it's insane how much i LOVE talking to you...

second off i like you so much that this is why i'm telling you now instead of later, because i don't want you to think i'm someone i'm not...

third...ohh jeeez... this whole website thing is part of a report someone is doing for school.. it's basicly to see if i put the exact same information on 2 profiles but with diffrent pictures who gets more messages, to me it seems like a no briainer but whatever... anyways i wasn't suppost to tell anyone till the end of october when his "study" ends... which is why yesterday i said i don't want october to end, it wasn't just because i would miss october it was because i figured you would hate me after this...

so what all this means is that everything i have said to you is 100% true but the picture is 100% false i look nothing like this random girl he stol these pictures from...

and just so you know i feel really bad becaus eyou thought i was some georgous girl and was amazing and whatever and i'm not...

so if you never want to talk to me thats ok i totally understand.

i just can't go on letting you think i'm someone i'm not

and i never thought this stupid study i agreed to do would turn out this way and that i would actually have feelings for some random guy on the internet...

i hope you don't hate me and sorry if i hurt you...

and i got not one but 2 messages back....

Remember what I said about god always putting these
wonderful girls in front of me but there is always
something that ruins it......yep this is what I mean. Im
really sick of the joke always being on me. Well I
never did cry over you but this time im fairly close
thanks stef i never wouldve thpught you were this
kind of person :( well I gurss this wlll make for a good
report if nothong else

And also know It has nothing to do with your looks but
why would you lie. I know its for school but
still....anyways Im gonna go get a drink u have a lovely
night :/

so i know what your thinking, good if he is not going to like you cause your gorgeous then he doesn't deserve you, but your missing the point...he hates me because i lied to him and led him on....and i know all this seems really stupid and silly but i can't remember the last time i felt this way about a boy and i can't remember the last time i had my heartbroken... i guess i do remember when it was all 4 years of High School and you know what.. i remember saying the same thing...

My Heart is An Idiot

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