Thursday, October 28, 2010

i LOVE this show

have you guys seen the middle? it's on wednesday nights i LOVE LOVE LOVE it.....

"Mom…Dad…If things go south today, I just want you to know my personal effects are in the peanut can under my bed." - Brick Heck
"This is so not fair. When I turn 30, I am so outta here." - Axl Heck
"I don't have any study skills and those are very hard skills to learn at my age. My brain's already formed. Maybe if you had raised me better..." - Axl Heck
"Why do we gotta go looking for trouble? I'm pretty sure it knows our address." - Mike Heck
"There's not much you can't accomplish in this town with a case of beer and a wheel of cheese." - Mike Heck
"God doesn't get involved in sports 'cause if he did, the Colts would have won the Super Bowl last year." - Mike Heck
"Right. That's my problem. I'm not organized. I happen to have a pocketful of Post-its that says otherwise." - Frankie Heck
"You're getting a physical. End of story. I don't need you dying early and sticking me with the kids." - Frankie Heck
"I can't handle a love triangle. I'm not a Kardashian." - Sue Heck

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